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it was. called smiles and handshakes at the g. eight as the u.s. and russia admitted they're not on the same page in how to solve syria but pledged to move towards a diplomatic solution. there are more u.s. surveillance leaks to come up as pledged by whistleblower edward snowden in an online q. unaimed where he also said that he is honored to be declared a traitor by washington works. and a further strong seems to be brewing in turkey as labor unions jump on board the protests despite threats that the army could move in.
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wherever you're watching from around the world this is our t.v. with me to bomb would say let's take a look at the stories this hour syria's amending bloodshed is once again proving to fracture relations between moscow and washington at the g eight summit in northern ireland of light emitted putin and barack obama had to admit they don't really see eye to eye on the matter but i agree that peace talks should take place more from artie's plenty boyko at the gathering in the. reports coming out today that because of a lack of consensus over the issue of syria g. eight leaders could be preparing a communique that excludes russia now we know that last night u.s. president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin met they said that there were no breakthroughs in talks over syria they very said that they welcome a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the crisis however we do know that last week
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the usa pledged military support for the syrian opposition. and has reiterated time and time again that he wants to see a peaceful diplomatic resolution he wants to get both sides to the negotiating table now some people raising concerns about how the west of the u.s. the u.k. france of calling for the syrian opposition to be armed how they can at the same time warrant a peaceful and diplomatic resolution when potentially arming the rebels could escalate the bloodshed but there is still hope. last night apparently the g. eight leaders all met for a new thing. that reportedly went back to the expected so there is still a chance that that communique of the syria will come from all the g eight leaders including russia we know that the e.u. arms embargo was lifted last month that was also a lot of pressure that came from britain and france now we know that in britain
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david cameron he hasn't been able to pledge military support to the syrian opposition because he faces a lot of criticism from his own party and from his deputy prime minister even nick clegg has said that he doesn't think it's the right time to arm the syrian rebels boris johnson mare of london a very outspoken man has said don't those syrian maniacs in france we've got political elites now questioning how the syrian crisis came about all together. i'm going to tell you something i was in england two years before the violence in syria on other business i met with top british officials who confessed to me that they were preparing something in syria this was in britain not in america britain is in invasion of rebels into syria they even asked me although it was no longer minister for foreign affairs if i would like to participate. in a summit they're discussing cooperation on counterterrorism and thankfully that is
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a sphere where there is a lot more consensus from all the g eight leaders right on paper the g eight summit is supposed to be a chance to discuss a number of white all social political and economic issues now we want to know if you think it achieves anything let's take a look at what you've been saying so far right of thirty eight percent of you say that they believe the gathering as a high level platform for talks are but with few real results when we look at their voting against the seven percent of you think that it's a little bit little bit more optimistic saying it rebuild the powerful nations or agendas of all the rest of the world can be spoken about on that at that level while only a few of you three percent and two percent say that it's a little bit split there is are convinced some are convince the meeting is why dole and actually brings positive results and the rest are things that the g eight does help catalyze responses to global issues now because we want to know what you think
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and we want to see those numbers change the cost of our dot com. right syrian rebels have killed sixty government soldiers near the city of aleppo in one of the deadliest single strikes a suicide bomber detonated truck or reportedly filled with six tons of explosives in a bid to reverse the tide of the conflict troops have made a strong push in recent weeks and rebel leaders are say they are in dire need off support they've already got al qaida linked militants and foreign mercenaries of fighting on this side and are now said to start getting weapons from the west and meanwhile government forces have the backing of lebanon's hezbollah and may soon get a four thousand strong green foresman from iran the british nationals party nick griffin was part of a european fact-finding delegation that's just returned from damascus he told us that any third party involvement only aggravates the conflict when cameron the
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americans say that we should arm the rebels what they're saying is that a lot of people are being killed in a war so the solution is to send more guns like it's madness unfortunately the americans the british the french and especially the saudis are playing this with a strike but their interest isn't in sorting out the syrian problem it's overthrowing the assad regime which is rid of the last secular tolerant regime in the whole of the middle east and replacing it with will be extremism the vast majority of the rebels are liberal democrats who respect america western values their jihadists you know the first invasion of syria by foreign forces is the fact that at least forty thousand of the so-called syrian rebels are in fact jihadist terrorists from north africa central asia and even western europe there's an estimated six hundred western european born jihadi is fighting against the syrian government right now. right serious conflict illumines large over the israeli
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occupied golan heights where the border is already troubled by fighting the prospect of having war on its doorstep is a warning for israel although not perhaps for the country's elite who have been have been revealed to have an expensive and impenetrable hideout policy looks at what the rest of the country things about their. when the missiles come israel's leaders will be here deep underground somewhere on the road between jerusalem and tel aviv about a decade ago news broke that the government was building a bunker here in the hills of jerusalem to the tune of some two hundred million dollars criticism at the time was that the country had survived for fifty years without one and could for another fifty but back then the threat of a nuclear iran was nowhere near where israel's prime minister netanyahu claims it is today. i am not exaggerating when i say the threats are greater than ever it is quite possible they are the greatest since the declaration of independence and even since the harsh times during the first decades of this country. no one seen the
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bunker and it's been very little media coverage of it all that's known is that it can withstand an earthquake biological war or atomic attack it's rumored to have living quarters and command facilities able to accommodate several hundred people it's. important that we have such an installation so as to make sure the government is really in shape and can actually operate under any circumstances but gideon spiro doesn't buy the hype he's one of only a handful of israeli anti-nuke activists who've been calling on the government to disarm nuclear. but. it's not proper for a charisma. which means that while netanyahu rants and raves he can do so knowing full well he has a hideout to sit out the nuclear winter should it come but it's not so simple for
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the person in the street in case of an extreme situation of a nuclear attack or a severe attack on israel and they're all protected afterwards who are going to be ruling was going to be left around for them to govern on is the question is if every citizen. can have a bankruptcy or not as a banker and that's exactly how diamond times when we he doesn't have a shorter news home and has to rely on this public bunker which is almost always knocked it's always simple people on the street that pay the price of wars and not you know the generals and the leaders seem to them the very little you can do i mean the instructions given by the army to israelis are staying home in a room that does not look towards the best they can do but it's well known that many of israel's bomb shelters are run down and neglected about twenty percent of the population doesn't even have access to one we still have a problem with those that were constructed in the eighty's and seventy's that
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cetera et cetera some of them being strengthened right snow by a special project to enable us to be more protected but that hasn't stopped mr on yahoo turning up his rhetoric in recent weeks the irony is that should war begin the man who called for it will be safe in a bunker while his fellow citizens will be live to face it head on policy r.t. in the hills of jerusalem coming up all hope is lost for some of the guantanamo bay detainees and later on our t.v. report on the official list of inmates will most likely never leave because the u.s. considers them too dangerous to release but it denies them a trial. former n.s.a. contractor turned a whistleblower edward snowden is hitting back at washington and the onslaught from the lawmakers gunning for him fielding questions online as snowden promised more leaks to come and derided those defending the global surveillance web that he
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exposed want to bring about the q. and a. snowden referred to washington's war on whistleblowers as a draft pony in a campaign he believes will ultimately escalate the scale and skill involved in future government leaks in short snowden believes that u.s. president barack obama is actually building better whistleblowers by targeting and punishing all those that aim to expose government wrongdoing as for the website that served as a strong platform for whistleblowers snowden referred to wiki leaks as a legitimate journalistic outlet on the topic of obama snowden accuse the president of entering the white house and slamming the door on many campaign promises such as in vesta gating systemic violations of law instead snowden says the u.s. commander in chief is deepening and expanding several abusive programs that began under the bush administration the former booz allen hamilton employees says the
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u.s. government destroyed his possibility for a fair trial at home by openly declaring him guilty of treason and his acts as criminal unconstitutional and unforgivable snowden now reportedly hiding out in hong kong claims he did not reveal any u.s. operations against legitimate military targets he says his leaks pointed out where the n.s.a. has hacked civilian infrastructure such as hospitals universities and private businesses covert operations that snowden claims is aggressively criminal and dangerous now even if the u.s. government ultimately catches and in prisons him snowden believes that it will not prevent more people like him from coming forward reporting from new york. r.t. . it recently emerged that the n.s.a. may be running not just the prism spying system but a whole series of secret programs designed to track the public effect that already american political commentators them six believes holds dangerous dangers of its
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own. over the weekend the washington post kind of published an article showing that not just as their prism but we have nuclear on and we have marina and we have main way there's all these major programs prison is by far provides the most intelligence for the president but it takes you know there's about five million people now with security clearance and that's going to be a problem moving forward when now that the secrets of started to come out others are feeling more and bold to tell secrets too so it's going to be a matter of not just how bast the surveillance system is but which which countries in which governments can keep their secrets safe with this with all the security clearances out there. you're about the u.s. are laying the foundation of an un president a trade union to a torrent of opposition spending the atlantic i'll report on that and more lined up for you after the break.
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well talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let the players know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter telling them to secure a car that's on the job. no. thank you no more weasel. when you say you did the right question the person for a change when you're done you should be ready for a. freedom of speech a little bit on the freedom to. thanks
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. the world's largest of free trade zone may soon span the atlantic and canvassing the population of the u.s. and the european union lobbyists bureaucrats and executives are hardware good preparing the ground but critics point out insurmountable problems with the whole idea let's look at some of those valve with our business presenter katie pilgrim katie it can't be good news of for everyone no it really isn't firstly france is actually expected to oppose the deal because they are demanding that their industries get certain protections and continued subsidize asian appointments not
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sitting well with other e.u. nations are possible whole bunch of consumer watchdogs and food safety organizations are concerned that washington is caving into pressure from us farm and food industries who want strict food standards rules removes a y. example of this is greenpeace which is already concerned that standards will slip as a result of the deal now these include labeling for genetically altered crops bans on growth hormones in cattle and so-called chlorinated chickens so ironing this out would be good for trade but drive a stake through years of europe's attempts to raise environmental standards now if this trade agreement does go through its all that europe will have to relax its attitude towards genetically modified crops to the first thing that comes to mind is the monsanto a highly controversial company and i just recently we saw global protests erupt against a company with thousands expressing anger towards it and its practices of the
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european consumers organization also expressed serious concerns fearing that this would this deal was watered down the consumer protection rules they have already been fighting to protect for years now both the us and e.u. trade with other nations including third world states will also be seriously hampered now victim to increased turnover between the two atlanta. giants now the trade with a merging economy is the brics the countries brazil russia india china and south africa is predicted to declined sharply by thirty percent america has already raised europe's hackles over breaching standards especially when it comes to data of course there's the well publicized u.s. surveillance scandal which could come into conflict with the reputation of the strict data protection standards and they fall and out before over america demanding europeans private financial and banking transaction data in twenty ten
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although washington adventure they got its way on this one. right kitty pilgrim they're just giving us the lowdown on the. largest free trade zone that i'm sure environmental activists will be hard work of the next couple of weeks kate even date not everybody will be happy with this. police in turkey have arrested twenty five people in the capital after writing private address says it's in the wake of over two weeks of antigovernment unrest and despite threats to bring in the military to quell the tension the country still sees regular protests going to. protests in taksim square last night were in fact started off as a lone protester simply standing there for hours on end it was a performance artist. who found it as a good a great way to show his protests towards the violent dispersal of those who were in
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gezi park in taksim square just days earlier by the police he was soon joined by about a dozen of other protesters they were however released a last night i know of at least seventy people who were arrested allegedly for their connection to the protests for the turkish authorities put it for instigating violence and basically calling on people to go to the streets and instigating a civil unrest those people should be released within four days we're being told but at the same time just talking to protesters people who were out and gives you park you have to understand that they may be gone off the streets not all of them of course a lot of them are actually regrouping right now of course you have your labor unions coming out also showing their indignation at the situation in the country the way that the government has handled the arrest in the country which have been going on for more than two weeks at this point they're extremely unhappy with the way they're showing their solidarity with the protesters and by the looks of it it's just we're right in the middle of the eye of the hurricane and now what does
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the government do aside from arresting people they believe are somehow connected to the protests we're now beginning to closely monitor the social media websites such as twitter and facebook and they're actually they actually have drafted a law which is soon going to go into into examination by the turkish parliament on. you see some of the functioning of this social media which maybe is the newest in possibly the most interesting development in lieu of recent events considering the fact that a lot of protesters actually are being organized through twitter or facebook there was the statement that if there will not be enough policemen to quell the protests they will bring in the gendarmerie and if those will not be enough then of course we will be seeing the army also working on calling the protest in the country online we've got more stories than analysis or from the world's news makers including the latest on the weekend league's whistleblower julius andres says he's prepared to spend the next of five years in the confines of the ecuadorian embassy
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in london after high level talks had to break the asylum in parts of port. and a bloody weekend of shootings across chicago in the words the violence and so far this year even as the city desperately tries to shed its deadly reputation get the details at r.t. to. the u.s. government has released a list of forty five current guantanamo bay prisoners who can forget about freedom one other man on the blacklist is khalid shaikh muhammad who's already on trial for musta minded the nine eleven attacks officials say the rest who almost the afghan and yemeni nationals can be prosecuted even though some are recommended for trial they can't be released either because the government considers them too dangerous to be let out it's a blow to the campaign to get the jail shut down activists have been boosted by the appointment of a veteran lawyer as an envoy to push for its closure one hundred of the guantanamo
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detainees have been on hunger strike for months now for the indefinite detention. is an attorney for one of the inmates as she told us that sometimes lawyers are policy to defend their clients. there is evidence against many men that has been deemed classified and the attorneys for the man have never seen and may never see and they will not be able to challenge the detention of the man or the evidence that's held against them and so some of the men who u.s. has deemed. to be are able to be indefinitely detained we won't ever be able to see the evidence. used to support that claim what the administration is saying at the camp is that they are searching for contraband may apparently be stored in the general area of the men and keep in mind these are men who are in solitary confinement now as of may they are in
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a cell all alone for twenty two hours and the contraband that they can possibly store is limited to what the guards provide them so it's literally nothing that could possibly be hidden and this area by these men who are in solitary cells for twenty two hours a day right we've just received reports of a massive explosion outside of new orleans all with the only information so far is that it's suspected to be a gas pipeline explosion will give you more as we get it now here's a just. a quick look now at the stories around the world to go back to the story as soon as we get details of it. two suicide bombers have killed at least fifteen people and wounded dozens in a shia mosque in the north of baghdad the massive blast on
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a route through the building during evening prayers interreligious the violence in iraq has spiked in recent weeks with thousand people killed in may alone the bloodiest month since two thousand and eight. i've been meza rallies across brazil involving over one hundred thousand people angry at the crippling tax burden was adding to the fury is the immense calls of staging the twenty four to welcome the protests began last weekend although the latest demonstrations were largely peaceful there with skirmishes with the police in rio de janeiro. apol full blast on a convoy carrying an afghan m.p. has left and these are three people dead in kabul on the day nato has a security to national afghan forces police say the attack happened to the west of the capital near the national parliament security responsibilities have not been formally transferred and is a significant milestone to what's the full withdrawal of coalition troops planned
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for the end of next year. i don't of america's controversial commentators gets the every mountain treatment in a minute and what do the north korean people really think the west's images breaking the set is next. you know what's worse than a corrupt bureaucrat a core pure crap who sucks at being corrupt scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and puts a very hefty charges for services car truck for road repair and construction in just three years use able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home
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news dot mil dot are you claims he had entire laundry hamper and twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant then me. that he felt rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is a absolutes left in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption rochelle might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just. plain. looking.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i'm glad i got so many i mean family and i believe that i've seen really messed up. in the all very sort of sleep. the. worst chipotle thing the white house or the. radio guy and four minutes from it. what. we're about to give you never seen anything like this until. the guys i'm out in martin and this is breaking the site so i don't know if you guys have heard the news that broke on friday but it turns out that after months of speculation sirius finally crossed that red line yet white house officials claimed they found a broad range of evidence that assad forces of use sarin gas against the rebels no matter that other u.n.
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report the claim that the rebels have also use earning gas right where the fact that a regime one is using chemical and biological weapons is exactly what the establishment used to dupe this country into the system or an illegal war or un secretary-general ban ki moon. has even weighed in saying that there's no certainty of chemical weapon use has gone on to say that increasing arms on either side wouldn't be helpful not to mention the question remains who to rubbles or who would be receiving these arms considering how some factions have been linked to al qaeda that regardless of all that team obama has announced that they are planning to arm the rebels in light of the revelation but here's the biggest weapon of mass destruction of all us is already arming the rebels through proxy states like saudi arabia and they've been doing it for months so let's not act like this is anything new just because it has an official stamp of approval all right let's go time to break this thread.
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you guys probably recognize this guy right here bill maher her he's been a stand up comedian for decades but he's also most famous for his late night news career now host of h.b.o.'s real time but starting first as host of a.b.c.'s politically incorrect a show in which was controversial and unapologetic and his views and fact less than one week after nine eleven in a climate of pure fear and hysteria he said this. when the cowards lobbing cruise missiles from two thousand miles away that were not that this is staying in the airplane when it hits the building say what you're on about it not our of course this was a truth that a.b.c. just couldn't handle and they decided to fire him because of it oh but he's made up for it ten fold since then by kissing up to the establishment and his corporate masters in fact he's put a one eighty you see now he loves drones he says they're cheaper they kill less people even said why it's a.


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